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Thank You very much pest control company Rentokil OÜ, who bravely
accepted Fumiteam`s call to participate in "paintball" fight between
two companies. Battle took place on 5th. of September 2008.

Fumiteam in Lithuania: grainvessel m/v "Orna" (fumigation in Klaipeda 27.08.2008).


Avoid the fumigation services from unprofessional fumigation companies.

Using unsuitable PVC sheets, wrongly calculated exposure time of fumigants, useing unecessery high phospine concentration etc. may cause the resistance of pest insects.Fumigant resistance is a genetically based phenomenon. Resistance occurs when a pest population— insects, for instance— is exposed to a fumigant. When this happens, not all insects are killed. Those individuals that survive frequently have done so because they are genetically predisposed to be resistant to the fumigant. Repeated applications and higher rates of the fumigant will kill increasing numbers of individuals, but some resistant insects will survive. The offspring of these survivors will carry the genetic makeup of their parents. These offspring, many of which will inherit the ability to survive the exposure to the fumigant, will become a greater proportion with each succeeding generation of the population.The Phosphine Resistance Test Kit allows to quickly and easily determine if the insect population to be fumigated is resistant to phosphine.

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