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Cold fogging-ULV

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Cold fogging is a space treatment against pest insects. The cold fogger may dispense formulations in a very concentrated form and generate the droplets (usually in the 5-30 micron diameter range) in a precise manner. However, its ability to penetrate dense foliage or obstacles is not as good as that of the thermal fogging. Cold fogging is sometimes called Ultra Low Volume (ULV) treatment as it allows the utilization of only a very small amount of chemical for coverage of a large area. A ULV Fogger generates fog droplets by using a high volume of air at a low pressure. Such a system enables droplets of a more precise size to be generated. The absence of a large number of very small droplets will limit the penetration of the fog into highly obstructed areas. ULV foggers can dispense formulations in a more concentrated form since less diluent is required. Also, the ability to be able to calibrate the machine to produce droplets of the optimum size for the type of chemical being used make ULV fogging the method of choice whenever possible.


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